Do it Yourself Photo Booth Hire

Do it yourself photo booths allows you to capture professional quality images without the need to hire a professional photographer for your wedding, birthday party or corporate event. Booths are easy to use and operate on a standard 240 volt power outlet.

If you hire a do it yourself photo booth you can enjoy these benefits:

  • Your guests can enjoy taking unlimited photos which can be printed out on the spot. (They can keep on taking photos until the photo turns out how they like it).
  • You can add customized messages to photos such as “Happy 21st Lauren!” or “John and Kate’s Wedding!”, or any other comment to match the style of your event (a personalized touch).
  • Do it yourself photo booths allow you to record the memories in an album, in which guests can write their own personalized messages (a permanent record of memories).

Do it yourself photo booths come with the standards features such as curtains to provide your guests with privacy and keep light out, and a bench for your guests to use while taking photos.

Staff are on constant standby to assist you should you or your guests have any difficulties in using the booth, or should any unexpected problems arise.

In the years to come you’ll enjoy reminiscing on the memories created by your do it yourself photo booth, and you’ll be glad that you were able to capture these moments.

Would you like to make an enquiry about do it yourself photo booths? Feel free to contact us now for a free enquiry, or to take a look at packages that are available to you.