Corporate Photo Booth Hire Sydney

As well as birthdays and weddings, we also have corporate photo booth hire. Your corporate event may be such that you have no reason not to want to record the memories, just like for a birthday party or wedding.

Photo booths for corporate events take photos of such quality that other would not notice that a photographer didn’t take them. Booths are built of high quality materials and contain the standard features such as a curtain for privacy and to keep out light, and a bench for guests to sit on as they take photos.

Corporate photo booth hire comes with the following benefits for you to enjoy:

  • Print photos out on the spot, and take unlimited photos (guests can continue to take photos until it turns out exactly how they ant it).
  • Customizable messages for each photo to give your corporate even a unique touch.

Staff are on standby all the time to assist you and your guests should you encounter and problems in using the equipment, or should any issues arise.

Corporate photo booths for hire will work on a standard 240 volt power outlet with only two square meters of space required. Provide this, and we’ll do theĀ  rest of the work.

Would you like to make a free enquiry about corporate photo booth hire for your event? Contact us now or take a look at the packages we have available for you.