Planning a birthday party in Sydney?

Take a look at these Birthday party ideas for Sydney, that you may be able to implement to make your party an enjoyable on you’ll never forget.

Location, location, location

Sydney has an endless number of birthday party locations. There are many bars, clubs and restaurants that will hire out a function venue with everything you need. Limitations are based only on your budget and imagination.

Boat parties on Sydney Harbour are a nice option, and there are many outdoor locations that will create a pleasant atmosphere (Sydney Olympic Park is a good place to start).

For children you may want to consider a more “fun-oriented” location such as bowling, ice-skating or even a disco party.

Consider a theme

A themed party can mean more than double the fun, and double the memories.

From comic books, eras, particular movies and television shows, you can let your imagination run wild. Only you know what’s best for the birthday person and their guests.

Food and entertainment

Any party requires you to feed and entertain your guests. You may consider hiring catering to reduce headaches (many venues include catering as part of their packages) or bringing in a DJ who knows what music is appropriate for your guests.

At children’s parties you may consider hiring a magician, clown, fairy or any other form of entertainment to keep the children happy.

Capture the memories

No birthday party in Sydney is complete without capturing the memories on photo or film. Make sure you have an album to record memories (either in digital or physical format), and allow your guests to contribute with their own photos and well wishes.

You won’t regret this on the years to come when you fondly look back on these memories and relive this past moment in time.

Feel free to contact us for any enquiries you may have have about birthday party ideas for Sydney. We will help you to create a party filled with enjoyable memories to cherish in the years ahead.